Refund and Returns Policy

Please read the following carefully, then send us a refund request by creating a ticket in the support section.

Requests for Refund must be clear and acceptable:

  1. Before you buy, be sure to request a trial account. We have set up a trial account so that you can test it, and if you are not satisfied, do not buy a long-term service.
  2. If your internet speed is slow, you will not be able to see and use our IPTVFY services and then request a refund.
  3. The big IPTVFY team is always ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and if you can’t set up the IPTVFY service on the devices you have for any reason, it won’t include refunds. Please see and learn the necessary tutorials on setting up IPTV.
  4. If your account expires 7 days later, the refund request will not be accepted.
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